ADATA Technology

ADATA company was founded in May of 2001 and was aimed at the production of high quality memory solutions. Due to technical competence, cutting-edge production equipment and first-class customer service, the company has the ability to offer complete solutions memory, including USB flash drives, DRAM-modules, portable hard drives and memory cards. With professionalism and innovation and competitiveness of the company rating of its services and products on the market is growing.

ADATA Technology (logo)

ADATA Technology (logo)

The company adheres to strict standards ADATA production which correspond to a high standard and are used in the design of devices, manufacturing process, procurement of raw materials, testing and quality control. The company has won many prestigious international awards through regular improvement and constant innovation, exceeding customer expectations.

The company was certified by IS014001 expedient use of natural resources and complies with European Union Directive on the restriction of use of hazardous substances. These measures show ADATA focus on providing the most efficient, secure, high and stable production.

All these factors contribute to the significant annual growth of profits and sales that allow ADATA achieve significant progress, for example, the turnover for the first ten years of the company amounted to about one billion dollars.