HDD (Hard Disk Drive)

HDD (Hard Disk Drive), hard disk or hard drive – a device designed for permanent storage of the computer. It belongs to the non-removable media.

IDE hard drive

IDE hard drive

The two major types of hard drives : IDE , SCSI and SATA .
IDE – old, kind, loyal friend. Used to this day.

SATA – also pretty good drives. They can be low-speed (5.4 thousands of revolutions per minute) and high speed (7.2 thousands of revolutions per minute). For home use is usually used one of these hard drives.

SCSI – the fastest hard drives, but they can easily overheat, so require an additional fan.

In addition, all hard drives are divided into 4 types:

  • hard drives for desktop computers – have a size of 3.5 inches at a rotation speed of 5.4 or 7.2 of thousands./min.
  • hard drives for laptops – have a size of 2.5 inches at a rotation speed of 4.2 or 5.4 of thousands./min., the main difference between this type of device – high impact
  • hard drives for servers – have a size of 3.5 inches at a rotational speed of up to 15,000./min.
  • external hard drives (mobile media)

But no matter what kind or type of one or another hard drive, in any case it will always be the main advantages of long life and reliability.