Intel Corporation

Company Intel Corporation – one of the most well-known manufacturers of various products, including motherboards, flash memory, routers, hubs, laptops and much more. The company achieved its success through expert marketing and, of course, outstanding innovation in the field of computing.

Intel Corporation (logo)

Intel Corporation (logo)

History of the brand began in 1968, the founders of the company are Gordon Moore, Robert Noyce and Andy Grove. Received investments in the firm, namely, $3 million, the young and talented engineers are beginning to develop and release memory for computers, while Intel, together with the Japanese company began producing microprocessors for calculators which had immense popularity in those days.

Later, these processors are used in personal computers. That is what has brought us not only good dividends, but also a great reputation in the world. In the 70s Intel launches revolutionary invention ROM (read only memory).

Soon a large corporation IBM bought 12% stake in Intel for $150 million.

In the 80s the company almost collapses secondary production and focuses on the production of microprocessors.

Today, Intel’s largest company in the computer industry, almost all the innovations in the computer field belong to her.