History MicroSD memory card

MicroSD memory card format currently are among the most commonly used formats of memory cards that are regularly used in portable devices, such as smartphones, MP3 players or mobile phones.

SanDisk MicroSD 512 MB

SanDisk MicroSD 512 MB

MicroSD format has become so common for two reasons:

  • because of its relatively inexpensive cost
  • due to its very small size (11x15x1 mm)

First, MicroSD card was introduced in 2005 on display at the 2005 CTIA WIRELESS. Perov model in this format was released by SanDisk and had a capacity of 512 megabytes. MicroSD design reminiscent of its predecessor – the memory card TransFlash, which at one time was very popular and was also used in many mobile devices, but since its release virtually stopped.

At the time of occurrence MicroSD already existed for more than forty models of mobile phones that support this format. Among the companies that manufacture these devices were Nokia, Samsung and Motorola.

The very first card format MicroSD have a maximum memory capacity up to 2 gigabytes. Today it is not so much as it might have seemed before. Therefore, the SD Card Association launched a new format MicroSDHC, which had a volume of 32 gigabytes. MicroSD but still enjoys great excitement among buyers, as this format has not lost its obvious advantages.