History of the CD

Everyone in my life used CDs, which happen to have a very interesting history of its creation.

In 1979 there was a real revolution in the music industry, he was associated with the appearance of a compact disc for storing digital audio. This event happened by combining two corporations Sony and Philips. In the same year jointly by the two companies released their first CD-player.

The first CD drive - ABBA «The Visitors»

The first CD drive – ABBA «The Visitors»

To develop and release a new audio CD format, were connected developers of both companies. Philips chief believed that the drive must have a diameter of 11.5 cm and a size such that it could be written about 1 hour of music. But this did not agree Vice President Sony, which, the way, was a great lover of classical music, who insisted that the drive should play more than 1 hour of music, even a 10th Beethoven lasts more than 60 minutes. In the end, a compromise was reached – the disk capacity in 74 minutes. So, in 1982 in Germany, Philips released his first CD-drive. It was the album ABBA «The Visitors».

Of course, these were not the wheels, to which we are all familiar with, they were significantly poorer quality and quickly fell into disrepair. However, all these drawbacks are eliminated with time.

Initially, CD-drives are used only for sound-reproducing equipment, laser disks began to use personal computers (CD-ROM drives) much later.