How to split your hard disk (partition your hard disk partitions)?

Why the hard drive can be divided into sections:

  • for convenience – in one section of music, in another movie, in the third – programs, etc.
  • for security – bugs in the operating system, the file structure to violate the system drive, which restores formatting, which means the loss of all data
  • to install multiple operating systems on one computer
Program Acronis Disk Director Suite

Program Acronis Disk Director Suite

So, the hard disk can be divided in several ways, the most popular is the breakdown by using Acronis Disk Director Suite, which is designed to partition the hard disk, or vice versa, for the gathering of several chapters into one, without losing data. About her and talk.

So, first you need to install and run Acronis Disk Director, choosing when you first start the manual mode.

Next, select the “master” – “Create Partition” – and the drive you want to partition. Click “continue” – and in the window choose “logical drive”, or more sections, where it will be taken place for a new hard drive partition. Then select the size of the future drive.

If you need only a few discs, leave a place or part of the space to the next drive and then choose the “logical drive” – it can store different types of files.

Click “Next” and select the file system.

In the next window, select a drive letter. Once you see the window with the updated structure of the new hard drive, click “finish”.

Close the program and restart the computer from Acronis.