How to increase the RAM on your computer?

Many pc users are superficially familiar with what is in this device. While some, especially fans play computer games, the concept of “random access memory” (RAM) is still familiar.

Kingston Hyperx DDR3 2 GB 1600 Mhz

Kingston Hyperx DDR3 2 GB 1600 Mhz

RAM – this is one of the most important criteria for the performance of the computer. In modern devices often given to him under 3GB. Payment is an amount of RAM pointing to the fact that the average user will not intermeddle in their own settings and increase the memory in your computer. If you install more RAM, the system will operate in the same way as with 3 GB extra memory will only work for nothing.

Some users want to get the most performance of their computers, so to install the operating system in 64-bit, which can “see” up to 8 GB of memory.

But there is another way to increase the RAM – is to replace the old connectors RAM sockets larger volume. How to do it? You need to purchase a new memory, which would suit the parameters to the motherboard. Further, revealing the system unit by removing one of the cover, you will see or two, or four lines with memory, they must be removed by clicking on the special levers (if you find desert slots, it is enough to fill their new memory). Removing the old line, insert new. Restart the computer and define a new memory. If the settings you will see all the same 3 GB is better with this issue to see a specialist.