How to choose an external hard drive?

Some time ago, transfer files from one computer to another is a big problem: there was no flash cards, high speed Internet, disks, so they had to dismantle the system unit, remove the internal hard disk directly, and then connect it to another PC. Today there are so many different hard drives, the choice of which should take into account some points.

External Hard Disk ADATA Nobility NH92 2.5" 1TB USB 2.0

External Hard Disk ADATA Nobility NH92 2.5″ 1TB USB 2.0

Memory Size
Directly depends on the amount of memory, how much information will fit on the disk. If you keep a large amount of information, it is best to buy a couple of hard drives. Then, if fails, you can always use the backup.

If you prefer hard drives, so consider this option is the most reliable, then you format discs produced 3.5 inches. And if not awkwardness and massiveness are important qualities for you, and fit the model by 2.5 inches.

Connection Interface
Before buying, check the hard drive carefully plug your computer in order to know where to insert the cable from the hard drive. Of all the varieties of the most common connector is USB 2.0. If these connectors will be employed, it is necessary to think about a different way of connecting. There eSATA interfaces and Ethernet. But compared with the USB 2.0 are slower speed than is necessary in order for them to use a separate power source.

Basically the hard drive has a rectangular shape, but the manufacturers are constantly working on the design of hard disks. The most diverse in terms of design, is on wheels 2.5 inches.