Memory Status

Unfortunately, the Windows operating system with its standard program does not free RAM on your computer from the “clutters”, so for this purpose advanced users often use third-party programs. One of these is the Memory Status.

Program Memory Status

Program Memory Status

So, Memory Status – is an application for working with RAM. It gives you the opportunity to see the amount of free memory , both in megabytes and as a percentage. The same information is available and the swap file. Moreover window translates load curve, which is equipped with a special scroller allowing load limit of RAM, when the last of which will start automatically exempted from unnecessary data. Although similar settings can be set and tab AutoFree, specifying additionally some more options.

And, like most other programs, Memory Status allows its settings to change the appearance of the program (for example, change colors, turn on/off schedule, set/remove the application icon from the system tray).

For the benefit of the program is the fact that the program is absolutely free, at least the first 31 days, after which you will still have to register, pay a registration fee of $8.