Is it possible to clear the memory and how to do it right?

Surely, many of you have noticed time and again that if you run a significant number of programs your computer’s speed slows down, sometimes he even does stop responding to your commands. All this happens because the private office cleaning RAM is inefficient and it is overloaded.

Program CleanMem

Program CleanMem

But it is not necessary to wait for the system to handle itself, because you can clear the memory, using special tools, such as, «CleanMem». This program has one nice feature: unlike all the others, it does not unload all the information on the hard disk, and frees up space occupied by various programs, but not used them. At the same time she does it manually or automatically at a certain time interval.

How to work with «CleanMem»?

So, after installing the program, you can have a real-time tracking of how much RAM is currently employed in all processes. To do this, simply turn the corresponding informative panel, selecting «CleanMem Mini Monitor» in the “Start” menu. For more information on the program menu you need to click «Show Memory Info» or «Show Process Info».

And to carry out the cleaning of RAM, you need to:

  • (manual mode) consistently select menu items «Clean Memory Now» and «Clean File Cache Now»
  • (auto) in the program menu select «Monitor Setting», and then in his tab «Advanced Monitor» ask a convenient time for the periodicity interval cleaning