Overview of USB 3.0 flash drives Kingmax UD-09 32 GB

Flash card Kingmax UD-09 comes in a transparent plastic bag. On the insert of cardboard you can find information about the manufacturer, speed characteristics and volume. Guarantee device – 5 years.

Flash card Kingmax UD-09 32 GB

Flash card Kingmax UD-09 32 GB

Body stick has two parts, one of which is removable (the cap). On one side is engraved the manufacturer’s name, volume and connection interface. At the back is an opening for the strap.

Testing: previously declared characteristics speed during mode interface USB 3.0, around 100 MB/s (read) and 23 MB/s (write). For this test was performed Crystal Disk Mark (it times the performance in any drives). This test showed that the speed, which has been declared, close to that, it was 95 MB/s.

However, due to the fact that this model is still assigned to class budget drive with recording function, this model is not so good. During the test was recorded in figure 18 and 22 MB/s, but the record on small blocks led to almost zero speed.

So in conclusion we can summarize that Kingmax UD-09 32 GB memory stick was quite mediocre, but if you do a lot of it does not require, and you will only use it to simply store and transmit information, then we recommend to purchase this model.