Most interesting facts about flash cards

Flash card is one species of portable external storage of digital information. Modern flash endowed compact, high capacity, protection against mechanical and electromagnetic effects, high speed read and write information. And thus, they pose great competition to other storage media.

Most secure USB flash drive in the world..

Most secure USB flash drive in the world..

Consider some of the most interesting facts about flash cards:

  • first card design began in the early 70-ies years
  • flash drives can withstand storage temperatures from -30 degrees to +80 degrees
  • keeping the stick in refrigerators can increase the shelf life information
  • flash card at a temperature exceeding 100 degrees fails completely in 10 hours
  • warranty period of the stick when used in normal conditions is 10 years
  • original flash designed for 10 000 full rewrites, but fakes – about 1 thousand
  • capacity flash depending on the number of overwriting lost
  • cost of 1 GB for floppy disk manufacturer is $1, and the production of 1 GB of flash memory costs $0.7

Scientists have made a prediction that within 3 years will be exhausted all the possibilities of modern technology flash drives, since the distance between the memory cells reach the minimum possible 13 Nm.