Most unusual storage

2inch Floppy Disk – a two-inch floppy disk size 720 KB, created in 1989 specifically for laptop Zenit Minisport, but has found its application in the camcorder Fuji Film LT-1.

2inch Floppy Disk

2inch Floppy Disk

Hitachi Micro Hamster – a miniature hard drive, the size of a hamster and 1 gigabyte, submitted in 2009 by Hitachi called Microdrive.

Canon Optical Card – an optical card written only once, something like CD-R, but without the rotating disk. In the early 90 -ies of the 20th century these optical cards in a limited number of test used as proof of identity, two megabytes that stores medical information, but further investigation of this matter is not set and Canon Optical Card quickly disappeared.

Sharp Bubble Memory or « magnetic bubble memory » – specially developed for some commercial products, such as personal computer Sharp PC- 5000, exotic format for storing information.

IBM PCjr ROM Cartridge – cartridges created by Lotus in 1984 for his eponymous program with index 1-2-3 for IBM PCjr. They were quite comfortable to use and fast to boot, but quickly lost its popularity because of its low power and very high price.