Silicon Power

Silicon Power Company is a world leader in the production of modules and memory cards, USB drives and other devices. The company was founded by experienced marketing and engineering professionals who worked for many years in the industry. This company’s products meet the demand for such products as mobile phones, cameras, USB drives and more.

Silicon Power (logo)

Silicon Power (logo)

Delivery of products is through retailers, distributors, retailers and OEM partners worldwide. Products were sold in more than 90 countries, as in Japan, Russia, Armenia, Korea. In 2006, the company Silicon Power Taiwan’s Ministry of Economic Affairs has been recognized as the “Rising Star”. This award is given to small and medium companies for significant achievements in export products, making them a significant contribution to the economy.

In 2008, Silicon Power won a prize of 187 companies SME Taiwan National Award for “Outstanding Achievement”. Due to the increasing profitability of this company sends a portion of their income for social projects.

Silicon Power Company initiated the conduct on the market lifetime warranty as to the USB-drives and memory cards.