Familiar to us today storage devices – hard drives, gradually sidelined new devices – solid state drives (SSD). What they have benefits?

SSD storage device – a device based on the RAM chips. Although these SSDs can be based on flash memory. Drive controller equipped with a control, and unlike hard disk, SSD have no moving parts, so it is virtually silent.

Intel SSD 320 Series 300 GB

Intel SSD 320 Series 300 GB

SSDs are most commonly used in the compact devices: laptops, netbooks, smartphones, etc., thanks to its small footprint. SSD is also more resistant to various injuries, he had a very wide temperature range, and to the same SSD drive virtually unaffected by magnetic fields.

The speed with which works SSD is much faster than the speed of the hard drive. However, it is worth noting that, despite the many advantages, SSD are still a number of shortcomings. One of the most important – it is a certain number of write cycles. Another drawback is the lack of compatibility with many versions of Windows, because Windows works with SSD drives as with the hard disk. Therefore, if you use your laptop SSD, it is best to install OC Windows 7, which is designed to work with solid state drives SSD.